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This web page has been developed with the intention of giving our members the opportunity to monitor business legislation throughout the year and stay informed. We will focus on worker compensation reform, business tax relief, environmental regulations, and other issues that impact competitiveness. Join us in making California a better place to do business.

2005 Sacramento Day Event Review
This year one of our board members had the opportunity to attend the Annual California Circuits Association Sacramento Day to assist in lobbying our state legislature on various topics, which included workers compensation reform and environmental regulations. The intent of the annual event was to lobby state legislature for a Pro-Business environment that will allow businesses to thrive in the State of California. The event was well planned / organized, and overall proved to be a very eventful and educational experience. Those of you who have never had the opportunity to talk directly to state legislature should seriously consider adding this event to your calendar. It was well worth the time and effort, and those who can not attend will be forever grateful.

One of the comments that was repeated to our board member over and over again by each legislative member that was lobbied was, "If we don't hear from you, then you must not care about the issue". Although this is a very narrow minded approach on the part of our legislature it is obviously the truth or it would not have been repeated constantly like a mantra...an excuse...which ever you prefer...So speak up and be sure your voice is heard!

...Here is how...It is simple...
Start reviewing and becoming familiar with the assembly bills that are up for vote/veto - Search Bills
Start writing to your local & state legislators. Believe it or not this has a huge impact on how they vote/veto on various bills - Click on Me for an Example Letter regarding the China Currency Act - H.R .1498...to help get you started.

It is just that simple!

Go ahead...click on Search Bills and Search for a upcoming bill yourself.

Once you have reviewed the bill and would like to inform our State Legislature on how you feel, then click on Me for a Letter as a starting point and modify it with your input in regards to the bill you reviewed. Once completed print the letter (on your company letter head if you have one as it will have more of an impact), sign it, and mail it to the individuals/addresses you have entered at the top of the letter. This should be your local representatives and/or the author of the bill
Simple isn't it? Now that you have a voice...complain all you want.
If everyone took just 5 minutes to do this it would have a huge impact on how legislature will vote/veto various bills.


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