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The LA/OC SMTA Board Conducts Meeting Ratings & Survey's in order to determine if the quality and types of activities are meeting member approval. Survey results are posted on this web page for all members to view. If you are interested in taking the survey please contact our board members By Clicking on the E-mail Link Below.
The LA/OC SMTA Board

Member Survey Results

May 2010 Meeting Rating
April 2010 Meeting Rating

March 2010 Meeting Rating
Nov 2009 Chapter Ballot Topic Survey
May 2009 Meeting Rating
Febuary 2009 Meeting Rating
November 2008 Meeting Rating
September 2008 Meeting Rating
August 2008 Meeting Rating
April 2008 Meeting Rating
April 2008 Survey Results
March 2008 Meeting Rating
March 2008 Survey Results
March 2006 Meeting Rating
March 2006 Survey Results

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