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Chapter Dinner Meeting

Cleaning’s Re-Evolution

Mike Konrad
Aqueous Technologies

It’s been twenty-seven years since cleaning made its dramatic exit and no-clean flux technology made its debut for much of the electronic assembly industry. Today, modern assembly and component designs have lower residue tolerances than ever before which has resulted in the revival of cleaning and cleanliness testing.

This presentation will review common failure mechanisms associated with assembly residues including the three basic Electrical Chemical Migration failure models (dendritic growth, parasitic leakage, and CAF). Two case histories will be presented.

· How a solvent-centric NASA contractor switched from a solvent cleaning process to an aqueous cleaning process. Test results from both processes were submitted to NASA with surprising results.

· How a contract manufacturer was sued by their customer for in-field product failures and how a $0.03 process could have saved millions.

This presentation will also review the future of the electronic assembly industry. The anticipated explosive growth of IOT, Industry 4.0, Wearables, Automotive ADAS systems, and other future connected devices promises to recharge the EMS industry. More assembly and more cleaning is in our future.

Michael Konrad is an industry expert on the removal of contamination from circuit assemblies. Mike has been part of the electronic assembly cleaning industry for the past thirty-two years. He has designed several automated cleaning and cleanliness testing machines, has published scores of technical articles on the subject of cleaning and cleanliness assessment and is a member of Editorial Boards for several industry publications.

Michael served on the US Navy's EMPF manufacturer's committee and is a featured speaker at industry events and technical workshops worldwide.

Michael has served as an Expert Witness in civil litigation matters concerning post-reflow cleanliness assessment and contamination-related failure mechanisms. Michael is the founder of Aqueous Technologies and serves as its CEO/CTO.

Thursday, April 20th, 2017
(3rd Thursday of the Month)

6:00PM, Social Hour
7:00PM, Dinner/Presentation

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JT Schmid's Restaurant & Brewery

2610 E. Katella Avenue
Anaheim, California 92806

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