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Mars Rover Program
Mission Goals & Results

Charles J. Baker

Curiosity Mission Engineer

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The exploration of Mars has never been more active than at this moment. The Opportunity rover and three orbiters—Mars Odyssey, Mars Express, and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) routinely analyze the current and past states of the planet’s environment. The Spirit rover forged a trail of discoveries leading into the heart of hydrothermal processes in the early history of Mars. These recent missions build systematically upon the earlier Mars Global Surveyor orbiter mission and the Pathfinder proof-of-concept lander and rover mission. Discoveries from Odyssey spawned the follow-up lander, Phoenix. It is a remarkable achievement that each of these recent missions has functioned so capably, performing well past their nominal operational periods, all with spectacular results. But what really impresses—with all the hardware in motion around Mars these days—is the high degree of both tactical and strategic coordination among these missions, which has propelled us ever closer to fathoming the broad range of environmental processes that transformed the surface of Mars, beginning over 4 billion years ago.

“Curiosity” is the Latest & Largest Mars Rover. It is a “Mini-Cooper” on Six Wheels carrying advanced science experiments.

Join us and learn more about this Amazing Curiosity Engineering & Science Data Capability to date.

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Chuck received his M.E. degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from University of Colorado in 2002. In December 2006, he joined NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory located in Pasadena, CA where he works as a Flight Project Systems Engineer and Flight Operations Engineer for the Mars Exploration Program Office and Earth Science Mission Office. He has supported multiple flight projects and concept studies such as the Mars Science Orbiter, Mars Sample Return, Earth Climate Study missions such as SMAP, DESDynI and SWOT. He also served as the Cruise Mission Planning Lead and Surface Flight Rules Lead for the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) during its Launch, Cruise, Approach, and Surface operations. MSL successfully delivered the Curiosity Rover to Mars on August 2012. Chuck subsequently served as a Flight Operations Engineer for the Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) mission which is an Earth Climate Study mission planned for launch in 2014.
Chuck currently serves as supervisor for the Instrument Technology for Special Applications Group
within the Instrument Systems Implementation and Concepts Section at JPL.

Thursday, May 18th, 2017
(3rd Thursday of the Month)

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